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Let's not go on too much. Here are some amazing talks and film. We don't have TV so we spend our time looking at what's inspiring the planet. Here is a tiny selection from the world wide web. This page will feature new stuff every month or so.

Best UK & Global Videos

Check out some inspiring events featuring talks and film.


The Wilderness Lectures



Ted Talks - Eustice Conway. Brilliant!



Ted Talks - Andrea Olsen. Captivating!

Total Talk

Some amazing videos and imagery promoting nature and the outdoors.

Rick Steves Left is not a hiker or mountaineer or open water swimmer but he gives a great talk on travel and the essence of it in his view.


Below Take a look at Home a documentary on our planet like never before seen. Visualised and created by the inspirational Yann Arthus Bertrand.



HOME - Watch Now

i'm inspired by the Wye

Danube - Exploring the Amazon of Europe in Wild Romania P1.


Danube - Exploring Europe in wild Romania P2.


Amazing Sequoia Trees - Beautiful Earth.


YA Bertrand - Inspiring Film.


Finding the Pyrenees - Excellent discovery of this amazing region.


Discovery Channel - Film & Stories.


Sheffield Adventure Film - Festival.


UK Green Film - Festival.

As It Happens: Pacific Crest Trail

Swimming - Isle of Sky

Elan Valley - Wye Catchment

Explorer Talks & Film

Ray Mears



The River Wye has an epic quality to it. We feel it's, not only in the rivers beauty, nature and rugged origins up there in the Cambrian Mountains of Wales, but it's also in the way it wanders, bends and meanders as SAS Survival Expert and bestselling Author John Lofty Wiseman eloquently says in his comment about the Wye and website on the Home Page. It simply captivates the imagination of a diverse range of people as it does other experts we respect in the field of outdoors, ecology, nature and bush craft. This has recently been exemplified by none other than the world-renowned bush craft and outdoors expert  Ray Mears  who journeyed down the Wye from its source to reveal a river full of wonder, thrilling nature, varied terrain, communities, conservation and even industry.


For us there were familiar sights but as we watched  we could not help but smile as we did so. We absolutely loved seeing Ray Mears at the source an area we have wild camped and communed with…we knew it well (see website), we enjoyed the people he met, the interesting gems concerning the nature, there he touched on a few bush craft ways and all along the way he conveyed a connection that spoke of reverence and admiration. He did it proud and we were like cheering as though a real point that could not be ignored had been made. Success!  The river has been translated to the nation for decoding. This means people accessing it, connecting with it, themselves and generally getting outdoors. The advert could not be clearer and we resonated and saw common ground.    

Watch The Wye & Ray Above - Just Click

We have watched a lot of Ray Mears broadcasts. Here are some of the best we have enjoyed over time or some to look out for.


Grey Owl - Northern Wilderness Series -  We belong to It - Wild Britain - Boreal Forest and more. Others.                         Bush Craft or Woodlore

Ray Mears