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Erwood is a village in Powys Wales. situated in the Wye Valley it's sandwiched between the Begwyn Hills, the Brecon Beacons, the Black Mountains and the Cambrian Mountains. Find the right spot above the village and you are afforded spectacular views of the Wye with the Black Mountains to its rear.


The area is characterised by hill farms, some remaining estates and mixed broadleaf trees that coat the slopes surrounding the village most notably Oak. It's a vibrant place in which to hike and wild camp if you can find a pitch that's inconspicuous enough.


The river along this stretch is made up of a rocky bed and or slabs that seem to be layered as though slated. It's faster water for sure and is noted as being of great historical importance in relation to angling, boasting some of the largest salmon ever caught in Great Britain. This stretch of the river is also of international reputation attracting fly fishermen from as far away as Spain. Navigating the waters just below Erwood near the Llanstephan suspension bridge (see gallery) people are drawn here for the fish as much as the beautiful and dramatic scenery that this part of the Wye is famed for.


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Erwood Valley

Combining the Beautiful

With The Dramatic

Move Cursor Over Elevation Chart - Correspond With Map

Feature length. Finding the Elusive View July 16th & 17th 2015. The video was shot in and around Erwood in the Wye Valley (Powys). At 26 minutes it's a case of sit back and enjoy the adventure of locating a very special view of the Wye.

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Elevation chart and map showing route taken to Erwood from Hay-On-Wye

i'm inspired by the Wye

Route Maps

Erwood Begwyns Map 0 Erwood Begwyns Map 1 Erwood Begwyns Map 01

General overview of the route taken to find the view point over the Wye towards the Black Mountains. Click to enlarge.

Erwood Begwyns Map 2