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Wild Camping

i'm inspired by the Wye



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Do you like the idea of backpacking and wild camping in the awesome River Wye Valley catchment area? If so we aim to help in a way that's fun, positive and integral. The craft of backpacking and wild camping in the Wye Valley AONB or further up into the Cambrian Mountains has been honed over the years by us. We don't claim to be the primary experts in this field or the definitive guide. What we intend though is to share our own experiences and the knowledge shared by other people so that you may feel confident to get out there amid the River Wye Valley & Catchment and experience it for yourself.

Of Wye Wild Camping

The River Wye catchment is full of places to experience that sense of wilderness or generally the freedom of the outdoors. There are many reasons for getting out there and we all get something unique from backpacking and camping wild. We can't as yet speak for the canoe community or their wild camp experiences on the Wye and yet the benefits will be similar. So, what are the benefits?


1) The first and most obvious benefit of wild camping outdoors is the freedom from anything media based and or electrical. Being in this kind of environment is not about constant human influences - it's about detachment and that feeling of ascension from the strains of the day to day world. As the negative energy of the media and electrical world in which we live is replaced with the natural rhythms of nature we begin to absorb a totally different vibe thus restore our body and mind. Things come into focus and life is lighter.


2) Wild camping provides a creative opportunity. Although media-based activity is largely left behind you might like to capture the natural world around you via photography, film, literature or paints. This is good for focusing your attention on your surroundings, which dissipates any thoughts you may have about the world you've left behind although that world would likely be the beneficiary of your efforts. However, you are still outdoors amid nature the good energy of which is still permeating your being. You are beyond the four walls.


3) The camps enable you to dream of perhaps bigger or longer expeditions, business or relationships. Whatever the dream camps like this create the ideal environment where disturbance is kept to a minimum. You are likely to come away with, not only new skills, but a clear plan also.


4) If out camping with a small group they allow you all to strip back the layers and connect on a level previously not known in a busy environment. It's a dimensional shift where feelings previously feared may well be embraced. Here we give ourselves the chance to open up those doors of perception by way of removing the blockages. Camping wild is one way of expanding your self-awareness.


5) When out wild camping we notice wild life, we ask questions and we learn. Getting out and about is the best class room there is - there is no real substitute. It instils a closer connection to wild life and a willingness to know the subject. We are also drawn to caring for that which we see or experience. Disconnected from nature people are not encouraged to care for the environment. Connection is key to fostering a healthy love for the planet and wild camping does this.


6) Health and fitness is key to a happy life. There is no denying with fewer toxins in the body and more exercise we alleviate any depressions we may feel. If you are downcast we say get out there, keep at it, wild camp and roam. The challenge of the hikes in and the physical effort it takes to set up camp, look after your site, self and so on all infuses the camper with a definite proactive spirit, more natural endorphins and it burns calories. You are better off all round.


7) The net result of hiking, finding your camp site and spending time away from all that is demanding is the fact that you have generated positive energy, positive imagery in your mind and as a result a positive outlook regarding yourself and the world. You come out a different person and take that positive energy back to where you came from. It's a cycle that feeds itself and grows with each occasion.





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