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River Diaries

Nr Source

Where to start with the River Frome? Do we make an inventory of events, a list of happenings so to speak, such as place names, times, landscape, geology and so on. Surely it would be metronomic and far too familiar! Read More

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Erica parked at the trail head where we set off at a leisurely pace to find the source of the River Lugg 4 miles away at Pool Hill, walking the old tracks overlooking the Radnorshire landscape along the way. Read More

i'm inspired by the Wye


In The


River Lugg - Sweet Waters

Join us as we discover the River Arrow meandering through surprising country filled with rugged hills, enchanting gardens, old ruins and folk who make the land what it is.

Read More

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The Frome - Obscure


On The


Frome The Hidden Valley

Honddu In The Bluff


Moving to


River Honddu - Massif

Monnow - Morning Bliss

The Honddu is by no means a large river but is situated within some very large landscape. Winding through the Welsh Black Mountains we explore some of the Wye's amazing mountain waters. Read More

The Monnow certainly was moving. A mix of waterscapes and landscapes, wild life of the Avian kind, foxes, valleys, castles, recording studios and famous songs and a grand old town. Read More

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Llynfi - Brecon Beacons

Were on Standard Street (Crickhowell) in the Brecon Beacons National Park linking up with Chris Lone-Wolf an outdoors enthusiast from South Wales.... Read More....

River Llynfi


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River Arrow - Lamb Rescue

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River Ennig

Black Mountains

Ennig - Brecon Beacons

River Edw

Rugged Source

Edw - Mid Wales

River Angiddy



Angiddy - Monmouthshire

By most standards the River Ennig is a short river that due to its location flows for 6 or so miles off mountain slopes in the Brecon Beacons National Park Black Mountains .... Read More

When scanning the landscape from the very top of Llandegley Rocks you get a sense of big country through a virtual 360 degree view.... Read More

Stood in the old tidal dock of Abbey Mill Tintern I am first struck by the location surrounded as it is by mixed woodland at the confluence of the Angiddy River..... Read More

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Wild hay Waters

Dulas - Hay Bluff

Who knows where a simple telephone call will lead? We can have our ideas but in truth we don’t know how things are going to unfold. And so it was with this particular hike up to the Hay Bluff (677 Meters).... Read More

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Irfon - Wild Cambrian

It starts like any other bus ride out of Hereford, stood waiting with common folk in the county depot for the 9.10 bus from Hereford to Kington arriving in the blink of an eye at 9.45 to be followed.... Read More


The Wild Cambrian Way

Trothy - Monmouthshire

I didn’t see Paul all night apart from a glimpse of him on the far side of the dance floor having a right old time next to the sound system. We had come the night before the Trothy to the Booth Hall in Hereford....Read More


Amid The Holy Mountain

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Humber - Herefordshire

My twin brother Paul had arranged this hike before he sadly died on the 18th November 2016. Then he turned to me and asked me to join him but for personal reasons, which I never revealed I declined....Read More


Brook Cascading


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River Dore

Sunrise Cele-bration

Dore - Herefordshire

We pulled up at a gate in the car, parked and walked across to the little cottage at the base of Merbach Hills South Easterly slope....Read More

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River Elan

Bogs and Bothies

Elan - Wild Cambrian

After a taxi ride from Rhayader to the campsite I was immersed in the Cambrian Mountains once more. The last time I was here was

back....Read More

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River Bachawy


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Bachawey Radnorshire

My friend Keith and I had stopped off at the New Inn Brilley a Wye Valley camp site alternative in nature as it was festooned in Tibetan peace flags....Read More




My friend Keith and I had stopped off at the New Inn Brilley a Wye Valley camp site alternative in nature as it was festooned in Tibetan peace flags....Read More

Ithon Radnorshire

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& Bidno

Tarennig & Bidno

I arrived at Pont Rhygaled near to the confluence of the Tarennig and Wye having travelled on the bus from Llandrindod Wells with two friendly district Hustlers....Read More

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River Marteg

Marteg - Backcountry

I began the trip to the Marteg in Rhayader the small mountain town on the Eastern fringe of the Cambrian mountains....Read More

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River Wye

Before  the majestic views of the Cambrian Mountains that span off into the distance, before the sounds of the mountain waters cascading down from up high, before the summit, it’s rocky......Read More

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