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Supermoon - Change an Average Night

i'm inspired by the Wye

Under the light of the moon life is illuminated in all its super night time glory

By popping out and viewing a supermoon you can transform an average night in. In Sep 2015 as an example we didn't have any plans, had little money and so kind of kicked about the home and estate until we popped out to observe the moon in all its splendour.


Whilst out we took a few photographs with the Panasonic TZ70, which came out OK. The funny thing was when taking shots some people walked on by not even noticing what was happening above. They're attention was more on the strange bloke lay on his belly checking out the camera. What people find of interest never fails to amaze.

The Perigee-Syzygy is the official name for the Supermoon, which is the result of a new moon approaching the earth at its closest point. It's here that people are able to observe the disk in its apparent large size. There is indeed a vibe about a new moon passing the earth more closely than the rest. You can actually feel the celestial body as it passes because size denotes the mass so their is no mistaking its proximity.




Therefore, It's a great chance to get out and have yourself

an alternate state experience legally



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