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Waking up at 4.30AM to go for a swim in the River Wye is an exhilarating and exciting prospect. The air is settled and feels brand new and you know the water is going to be the same offering that fully immersive outdoor experience without strain. Entering the Wye for a Solstice Swim you are imbued with life once again one experience of which is shared here by Mark

Solstice Swim

i'm inspired by the Wye





We don't want to sound to hippy or lecture like but it's interesting to note that although millions live in large urban centres there is no denying the majority of people are still mesmerised by nature when they encounter it. We all love to encounter it because it's in that realm where the experience of a shared earth is realised. Put simply we're not the only ones living here. It's that sense of eqaulity on this level that motivates us to swim in the open waters because there any idea of disconnection or separateness as a dominant species is alleviated. Here on this particular swim a small flock of Canada Geese that made their home in the UK from North America exhibit their wild and wary behaviour as another swim spot is sort in the Wye Valley on Solstice morning. A beautiful moment and lives other than our own fully appreciated.

Sounds of The Valley - Canada Goose

Taken from Xeno Canto website. Recording by Stuart Fisher in London.

Solstice Morning