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Water Breaks Its Neck - Return

Fantastic Falls & Fair Views

Returning to the Water Breaks Its Neck later in November was a thrill for a number of reasons. Firstly, we had the first snows of 2015, which had fallen higher up and secondly what with rain and melt water it made for a great waterfall at Water Breaks Its Neck. It was just the right conditions we were hoping for upon our return. I say our return because this time it was Paul and I together to observe this great natural wonder on the Welsh-English border.


The view above shows the Black Mountains as we ascend the Radnor Forest to almost a height of 600 meters. With the winter evident throughout the Brecon Beacons ranges it made for a spectacular sight. With a stop out of the wind amid the forest plantation the day was unfolding nicely. We had just experienced great views, observed a mountain rescue concerning a 4by4 that had dropped 200 feet into a ravine earlier the same morning (hope they are all well) and here we were settling down for some lunch fully immersed in a still crystal-clear sound out of the wind. Magic!


At the source of the Water Breaks Its Neck we were pleased to see a healthy flow of water. If you watch the video you will see the comparison from the same spot earlier on in the year. Bone dry then it now flowed with vigour reminding us that the world is never still but in constant flux. The contrast was somehow comforting.

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Crystal Clear Sound is one of the reasons we go out to wild and remote places. It's the quality of the signal, the lack of interference and the way in which it permeates you whilst unhindered by the hustle, bustle and competition of the world beyond. We are receptacles filling up with nature.


Mark Jickells

Keeping it


Walking through the Radnor Forest we are struck by how critical fresh water is to our planet. Without its free flow nothing survives. It therefore has to be clean and available. For example, just to take a drink out of the brooks and streams higher up during the cold of winter is a simple pleasure having hiked a few miles in the forest. We know then that hydration is important to us and yet across the world humans continue to pollute it, poison it and refuse others access to it. There is madness about us and we are reminded of the need for change upon our observance of this magical substance.


Besides hiking, camping and great music water is pretty much our interest here at Wye Explorer. This is why we aim to assist water campaigns where we can. If there is a petition we'll sign up for it, if there is a need for promotion we'll promote it and when funds are available we'll contribute and if there is a choice to be more sustainable we'll choose it. For more information on water projects or campaigns see below.

Friendly Folk..No...Fir

i'm inspired by the Wye


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Routes In The Boots

Fresh Water Wanderings

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