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I'm inspired by the Wye

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I got lost in this site in a very good way. Beautiful in every sense of the word. Lee Miles


A must for walkers from all over. Do you want outdoor theatre, a short walk, taking in an unusual feature or maybe music as you walk? This site has got it all. Patrick (South Wales)


Wow - I Just went to your website and thought it fantastic. I'd love to

be able to do that to my favourite place. Jules otherwise known as the 'steinwaygoat'



Fantastic site, and some great images and projects going on showing a beautiful part of the world. Tim Donald


Super site, really enjoying it all, great clips, photos and music and info. Anna


Simply brilliant. Your project is a labour of love and very interesting. Your film work is second to none. Jimmy Kenyon

It’s very rewarding to see the River Wye receiving some recognition for all the joy and beauty it brings. I think that ww.wyeexplorer.co.uk have done a grand job of doing just this. The Wye is the main artery in Herefordshire and Mid Wales, creating a magnificent landscape wherever it meanders. The abundant wild life it supports is so diverse from plants, birds, fish and many other creatures making it appealing to everyone. Seeped in history it records the past and with this publicity can help to shape the future. Keep up the good work boys, you are doing a brilliant job.


Lofty (Wiseman) 


Although hugely successful Lofty Wiseman below is very down to earth. He is renowned for his long service in the SAS, his survival Knowledge and his SAS Survival Handbook series, which are best sellers the world over. This is what Lofty had to say about the project when fellow founder Wye Explorer Paul was alive to contribute.

Other People

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Thank you!

It's a simple yet invigorating project, which came out of depression, which many suffer and which many are destined to suffer due to Corona Virus. To view the endorsement left behind by Ranulph Fiennes see Home Page. For more see below.