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Paul was a remarkable man. Having experienced many challenges early on he overcame them to become T - total for many years preferring instead to live for the outdoors whether wild camping, running the trails, swimming hard or often beautifully in the Wye. As a twin and founder member of the Wye Explorer Project he would often be seen with his brother Mark exploring the natural world and getting excited about adventures yet to come. He dreamed of many things not least the Wye and it's many surprises, which can be explored on this website courtesy of him.

Friend To Many & Seeker of Life

Heavens Gate

Paul Jickells Tribute 01-07-1968 - 18-11-2016

I'm inspired by the Wye

red squirrel

Beyond the Wye he dreamed of adventures and trails in the UK and worldwide from the Offa's Dyke, Snowdonia, the Lake District, Scotland, the Tetons in the USA, Norway, the Pyrenees and many more regions of the UK and world besides. All these were to come given the resources. However, it might surprise people to know that his biggest wish out of all of these was to see a Red Squirrel. You see he loved nature the small creatures and the big. He felt there was little point in a planet if it were only populated by boastful adventures or humans. That little red squirrel represented the splendid nature in our world and the value in the small things that it's made up of.

Pauls legacy was a great one. He left us a project to open up the Wye catchment to many others including the downcast in the world. In this respect he knew the personal value of the outdoors and nature in healing the hurts inside and he wanted to share that, which he did. His own poem 'Heaven's Gate' below expresses this philosophy and aspiration. It was a poem he would recite in the hills and in the city amongst the street folk who would be mesmerized by his performance, which he hoped would bring light into an otherwise dark day. His was a life for sharing that literally ended with him sharing his compelling, graceful and beautiful style of swimming in Hereford during one of his many training sessions.

Video of Paul speaking, swimming, camping, loving, laughing, exploring, dreaming, balancing and being a wonderful ambassador of life.

Link to owner. Obeserving the Creative Commons

When I sit in peace with myself and all things around,

I can see, feel and touch divinity.

My heart soars with love.

And my mind fills with ancient understanding.


When I play amongst the trees,

And, when I choose to stay with the gentle breeze,

Mother earths soul vibrates from within and from without.

There can be no doubt that this is peace.


When I see beautiful things to create,

My delight is such that I want to share it with someone I love.

The sun shines this way for you and me what a day.

It is here I love to stay, sharing this day.


What a day, what a day.



Paul Jickells November 2000



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Sound, rhythm and dance was big in Paul's life. He established one of the seminal dance parties on the border of England and Wales called TRANSITION, which attracted people from all over the UK. Spontaneously he would dance if the rhythm of the outdoors grabbed him and he would always dream of that amazing event in the wilds of the Wye catchment. Yes, sound and music were all pervasive in his life. Indeed, in the end he began playing the Harmonica and Jew's Harp on the trail, which was a beautiful addition to the hike.


Some of his favourites were Axavier Rudd, the Desert Dwellers, Pitch Black, Shpongle or events such as Boom.


At his funeral was played the 'Peace Invocation' by Ajja, which he would listen to often, 'The Land Between Two Rivers' by the Rail Male Voice Choir and lastly we played out 'He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother by the Hollies.

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'The Land Between Two Rivers' sung by The Rail Male Voice Choir. Photo pops up.

Peace invocation by Ajja. Nubian Sandstone - Darpan mix.


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Being Compiled & Lovingly Created


Meanwhile see Youtube for initial tribute videos. Vid 1 Vid 2

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