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Music & Art transforms us! Here are some events and organisations that recognise the power of music & art in changing our worlds ecology and environment.

Cool Cones

Music Box

It's back to the 'roots in our boots' because music is central in our lives as is the outdoors. Acknowledging the connection, we decided to put both music and outdoors together via the stills that emerged out of our adventures whilst observing the Creative Commons Code. We're not being all evangelical here but, in our view, music had to be cleared for use to support the artists. Positive energy all round!


So explore the images and sounds, we enjoy and the links that introduce you to events that inspire us around the globe also. It's music and imagery we feel belongs together as outdoor enthusiasts who dance across this wild and not so wild land of ours.


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Akoviani/Many thanks - Observing the CC Code. For more Akoviani information and tracks go to www.jamendo.com/en/list/a121048/hypnotica-album

The Play List

Chill Carrier - Star Train.

Isaul - Prod

DrunkSouls - No More Fighting

Ambient Voyager/Zero Page - Cold Fusion

Adrian Sanchez - Dub Selector Ex Track 22

Josh Woodward - Honcho Graham From Birmingham

Frank Harper - Angel Lake

Groups, Organizers & Free CC Music

Yestegan Chay

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Many thanks to our friend Asaf

Track: AiwaAlek. Observing the CC Code.

For more Yestegan Chay information and tracks go to



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i'm inspired by the Wye

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Making Videos?

If your making videos for the outdoors or anything come to think of it then use music that supports the artist. DON'T poach it or steal it.... work with it and promote an ethical sound and environment that's within the Creative Commons Code. Here is a list of some sources that can provide you with excellent music for your project. It definitely feels cool to work this way.

A Few More

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