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Monnow Borderland Source

We knew we'd seen Kingfisher and fly fishermen on the Monnow, that it's associated with the forest town of Monmouth at the confluence of the Wye, that castles appear along its course in addition to the wild and wonderful Kentchurch estate but as for everything else it was a mystery.


What did we discover?


Starting at its source on Cefn hill (486 meters - 1,594 Ft) we discovered that the Monnow is very much a part of, not just Cefn Hill with its rare plants such as Wax Cap Fungi, but the eastern side of the Black Mountain Massif also. There was no mistaking the role this giant earth and sand stone wall played in the formation of the Monnow, the farming operations that the water sustains and the settlements that emerged. It transpired the Monnow was a significant and somewhat mystical tributary of the Wye, which we had to share via this short piece.

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