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Magical Woods Wye Waters

Woods have a rhythm and a sound that is deeply penetrating. There is no denying woodland speaks to our very make up. We breathe the air they help generate!


How mesmerising is the Wye source?


The woods depicted here are situated above Llandogo in Monmouthsire, which was a port, renowned at one time for building of the trow, a flat-bottomed river boat that until the 19th century was used for trading up and down the River Wye. At the top of the valley above Llandogo is Cleddon Hall the birth place of Bertrand Russell the philosopher, mathematician, liberal and pacifist, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950. Nearby is Cleddon Falls a spectacular water feature in full spate. It's here the woods wind their way down to the village offering the walker a fully immersive experience in the land of water, Sessile Oak, Beach and Ash.

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i'm inspired by the Wye

The wye waters flow through majestic valleys often amid truly magical woods