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Llangorse Big Swim

Large numbers of swimmers gather at Llangorse to swim in a lake that is, for many, mythical and magical. Swimmers range from the novice through to the experienced long distance wild water folks who love full immersion. The event is organized by Nicola Goodwin, members of the Hereford Triathlon Club and assisted by volunteers. The scenery and the day is cracking.

Eat - Sleep - Swim - Repeat

i'm inspired by the Wye

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Amid The Inversion

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Hot & Cold Air Works Its Magic

What's an Inversion. It's a play on hot and cold air. For more details click here.

The Wild Camp & Morning Cloud Inversion. Most swimmers had no idea that a classic inversion took place before the swim in the lower valley. Looking down below from above from a bivvy or wild camping spot Mark had established the night before it set the tone for the day.The aim is even today is always to celebrate nature and our natural gravitation towards water.


There's an adventure in every event. To tap into the spirit of adventure on this occasion in 2015 I (Mark) hiked through the Black Mountains via Mynyyd Llangorse to get to the swim. It was only a short route from Bwlch at 13 miles but a new one and they are always worth doing. Over tops, gazing through valleys and upon the slopes, exploring hills forts and scrambling through bracken it was a great way to meet with the swimmers and bring good vibes.

More Details on The 2015 Big Swim Hike & Bivvy

Quick Apraisal

Start: Bwlch Pass - Brecon Beacons

Finish: Mynydd Llangorse & Llangorse Lake


Ascent: Approximately 600 Meters

Distance: 12 Miles - 22-23KM



Hills: Pentrebach, Mynydd Llangorse, Cwm  Sorgwm & Mynydd Troed Pass

Passing: Cwmdu, Waun Fach Hamlet, Pencaeau Fm, Blaenau-draw

Overlooking: Pen Alt Mawr & Waun Fach at 811 meters

Bivvy: Mynydd Llangorse - Westerly Slope. Overlooking Llangorse Lake & the Central Brecon Beacons

Map - Route

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