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Chasing Ice

What's inspiring to us may not be to another. Inspiration or that which induces awe is then subjective. One thing is for certain when something captures our imagination inducing that timeless gaze of awe or those few words of wow and or beautiful we are pretty much feeling the same thing. And that is inspired! The Cambrian Mountains and the Pumlumon massif (752 m 2,467 ft) in mid Wales did that for us, a tiny clutch of eggs in a non descript field in the Frome valley did the same as did a cloud formation that offered up an unparalleled 'Vista Field' at the Wye Source.


Sound is another area of life that can create awe and inspire that sense of total oneness with life, that connection to the infinite and to possible dreams. Whether human made or natural some sounds just jettison us into that other world where feelings of disconnection become a thing of the past. The rush of a waterfall, the sound of a kingfisher, a male dear in season, the crack of ice as in Chasing Ice below, the massive sound of a techno anthem in a wild setting or the sound of an orchestra or even Jeff Buckley. It's all the same in variable dimensions.


The pictures here all created awe or that feeling of momentary ascension and the videos describe more. What do you think? What creates awe within you sonically or visually?

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Words - William Wordsworth

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Researchers have been looking at the nature of Awe. They've discovered that things inducing awe are good for our helath. Check out: The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck out. It's fantastic!

It's official. We need lots more


in our lives

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As well as beautiful rivers, mountains, flowers, music and people be in Awe of our climate. Click to view.

Awe is good - it can galvanize us into action. The River Wye is being impacted on as are other natural wonders by climate change. To assist even the quality of our waters and air litterally do something small. It's permissable in the future to be in awe of our collective achievements. Choose a green outdoor gear item, recycle a bit, purchase some organic food, turn off that light, cycle or use public transport or choose ethical travel. It all matters because put simply we want to be healthy and to continue being in awe of the planets beauty and crucially know we are contributing.


For more planetary Awe and organisations, people and groups

that support it go to the 'Vista Fields' page.

What about the bird? How was this Helmeted Guinea Fowl awe inspiring? The awe in this moment consisted of the sensitivity of the encounter. Awe is not necessarily about physical scale because it can be the tenderness of a moment also. Here we rounded a corner in the Upper Wye Valley and were confronted with the Guinea Fowl perched on a wall. Any sudden movement and it would have bolted away from this ideal posture. Therefore It was that sensitivity in the moment that created the awe, the effect of which was increased when it flapped its wings.