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When we found the camp site at the source of the Honddu we danced.

Honddu Camp Dance

You're inside the famous Hay Bluff in the Black Mountains, you're looking for a camp site at the source of the Honddu....a place to bivvy and suddenly you spot a spit of land that has the potential of being the very spot where 'chi mountain' could be experienced for the night. Instantly your adrenalin rises at the prospect and as you near the place it becomes clear that it's just what you're looking for.


What do you do? You Dance!


Unexpectedly Mark breaks out into a dance at the shear perfection of the site. It's flat, it's tucked away in the mountain and is therefore secluded and there is plenty of dead wood. It was not planned but the video 'Honddu Camp Dance' is the result.

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