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Hosting the 'Wye Explorer' project is Mark Jickells. From a farming and military family, he is a keen outdoorsman who likes to hike, wild camp, run, open water swim, explore and take inspiration from nature.


Often found in the most beautiful places amid the thickest mud or the clearest of waters it's

here Mark senses his motivation for living, because he knows that nature's not separate from the music of life but integral to it. In this respect he celebrates the life there giving 100% to it.


Originally founded by his 'twin brother Paul' also (see below) Mark has had to continue along the Wye Explorer way on his own after the sad loss of Paul in November 2016. Paul was passionate about the Wye catchment and river system as well as the outdoors more broadly. Together Paul and Mark covered out of a 600 - mile target nearly 300 miles of the Wye catchment establishing the project as one of the seminal walking endeavours amid the river system. Paul will never be forgotten and will always be at the heart of the Wye Explorer project and website.


Mark grew up in the City of Hereford and partially on his grandparent's farm in North Herefordshire where he acquired a taste for exploring the natural world with Paul much of the time. This was boosted by his father Terry Jickells who was a long serving member of the elite SAS Regiment and free fall parachuting pioneer and his close friend 'survival expert' and Author John Lofty Wiseman. Good people Mark has been inspired by all their lives, home city, his farming roots and the spirit of adventure wherever it takes him.

Friend & Seeker of Life

I Take My

Inspiration From Nature

Paul Jickells

Mark Jickells

He Felt That Sound, Sense and Sight Was Everything Out There. He Lived Life.

Explorer Host

Founder member of the Wye Explorer project

Music lover, wild camper, writer and walker

I'm inspired by the Wye

For the tribute page Click Here. We all love you Paul and thank you from deep within for the life you shared with us.