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Here at Wye Explorer we are beginning to think about good food on the trail.  Nutrition is crucial as you churn out the miles and ascend the hills and peaks even swimming at times whilst exploring this magnificent river. There is a lot of energy expended and many muscles to rejuvenate and repair during rest and food plays its part massively.


So we have reached out to some folks that provide us hikers and explorers with the foods that do the job and do it well. You need to enjoy the trails and food can make that difference. We believe we have and are finding the right foods and people to associate with and support. Here are some of those foods and companies that are supporting us and who we aspire to associate with. We appreciate their support, service and their quality.

Explorer Food

Herefordshir - Find Wood

I''m Inspired by The Wye


Look out for this operation. The food appears top notch and the service is as good, which we can testify to.  Preparation and presentation is not a problem for this outfit. When you.....

order from them it's prompt and is delivered in the most beautiful way. Being people of the world, we know care makes a difference. Indeed, who gets any goodness out of a bitter bread? Nobody does. So, if you want food that's nutritious and delivered with care then contact Base Camp Food.


They also offer some of the finest cookware and stoves on the market. We recently purchased the Evernew DX stand from them, which was delivered in a way that just made you want to get cooking there and then in your front living room. It was superb.


The full REVIEW on the food can be viewed below and the Evernew DX stand will follow shortly.


Thank you, Laura, at Base Camp Food

River Irfon Account - Review

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The River Irfon Expedition was a 36-mile traverse of the Afon Irfon, which is a right bank tributary of the River Wye. It starts on top of Bryn Garw 558 Meters in the wild Cambrian Mountains passing through peat bog moorland, a glacial valley at Abergwesyn, the town of Llantwrtyd Wells before flowing into the Wye at Builth Wells. Base Camp Food supplied food for the account of this river. Here's what we thought of the food.




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The food came through the door packaged neatly for try out. We didn't know what to expect and as the package came early it was sat there for a couple of weeks invoking that sense of anticipation. Was the food going to be good or have a good bad score? We didn't know. At the Irfon valley camp though we pitched quickly and settled down to retrieve the pre-packed meals from our sacks.


We got the video rolling to do a review, which only added to the sense of intrigue. There was no need to empty the contents for the meals were evidently cooked prior to being sealed. All we needed to do was boil about 350 ML of water, open the sachets, poor in the water, re-seal via the internal plastic seal or thread line and weight for 8-10 minutes. The next step, having left the contents to thoroughly expand, was to unfurl the base at either end creating a sufficient eating platform inside and if needed a means by which you could sit your meal upright without it toppling over.


Every part of the process was as easy as putting one foot in front of the other apart from the fact you couldn't seal the sachet no matter what you tried. The internal plastic seal or thread line simply wouldn't connect and seal as it should upon sliding your thumb and index finger along it. The only resort was to fold the package and let it sit for a while.


Despite having to fold the packaging in order to seal it though the food expanded nicely. Well, in actual fact it expanded beautifully creating a meal ample enough to sustain any serious hiker, wild camper or expedition participant. Things can be deceiving and it certainly was the case here. But what about the taste?


The texture of the Wilderness Stew with Rice by Blah Band, for example, was thick and heavy the type that might be fed the finest of ultra-athletes hungry for NRG and nutrition. Peppered with colour due to the vegetables and filled with a generous serving of 7% Beef it was time to eat. The first mouthful instantly resounded to a sensational taste akin to a Michelin star meal or the best home-style cooking. It really was that good. Tucking in with resplendent thoughts the meal was going well. Across the way the review was going equally as well for the Pork Stew as Paul had no complaints at all. Moreover, words of praise echoed from his lips, which were by now infused with tastes to keep this hiker happy for days.


Finishing the meals, it was clear the packaging saved us from using our pots thus cleaning and were easy to store away in addition. With this and the quality of the food in mind therefore we give the food supplied by Base Camp Food some serious thumbs up. As for the Fruit Porridge with Rye Flakes that to scored high for the taste was amazing, the contents ample and the process as good as the stews what with it being the same. There is no doubting this is some of the best nutritious and energy infused expedition food out there and we recommend it.

Review Video

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