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A favourite sack during the Wye Explorer project has got to be the Deuter sack. The one here belonging to Paul Jickells prior to his sad and sudden death in 2016 was used for 8 years or more and was purchased at his local outdoor store Trekkit in Hereford. As a bit of adventure kit, it saw the light of day as a pillow, a seat, a day sack and for recycling, shopping and freeganism an activity, which was mastered over a 24-year period. Throughout it  performed brilliantly and was only ever fixed once due to holes in the bottom of the bag. This was remedied simply by using rubber sealant, which did the job according to Paul. We now recommend Tenacious Sealing & Repair Tape available from Cotswolds.

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Keeping something like the Deuter bag is not just about memory or that connection to experience for it truly is about getting the most out of a product that's been thoroughly enjoyable. Why chuck it if it still works?

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Yep......it's certainly of value. Keeping something like this Deuter is not just about memory or that connection to experience for it truly is about getting the most out of a product that's been thoroughly enjoyable. Why chuck it if it still works? The planet is awash with throw away items and renewal. It's a crazy state of affairs, which is rooted in productivity. What is the world to do if it does not spend? What jobs will be available? Well, the truth is a reasonable percentage is being automated anyhow so the creation of jobs does not seem to be the priority for a limited few. Good meaningful jobs are of course important but so too is looking after our resources because they are indeed finite. It's this or destroy the beautiful home we have. We know which challenge we would choose!


The Deuter has been a trusty servant and was only renewed in 2015 due to complete wear-still Deuter. It no longer does the job in the field but it will still be used for:


There is no waste here - not in our camp. Here's a reminder of the other links:



Freeganism - We've actually taken skip food on exhibitions




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About Deuter

What about the company in question. There's a link but what do we think?


Deuter was created in 1898 in Germany by Hans Deuter in Augsburgin. It has a long history and a pedigree that spans the postal service through to mountaineering, backpacking, family, business and travel. Using canvass in their early days some designs are still reminiscent of that bygone era. Since then products and materials have evolved to include cutting edge design and critical environmental thinking. They seek new materials, dyes, ways of limiting their impact in transportation via the support of various offsetting projects and they have a soft spot for animal welfare. Are their reports validating the claims? Not that we can find other than this one: http://www.deuter.com/img/ckeditor/CR-Report-2013-EN.pdf . Reading we can hear the tone of their genuine concern and are excited about what they are doing and so therefore we recommend the product. We say: well done to Deuter!


For more information on the company see this link: http://www.deutergb.co.uk/company/


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