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Dark Sky Reserve

Imagine a place where you can enjoy the day and the night by equal measure. There is such a place in the Wye catchment at Llanthony Abbey  and on the Hay Bluff beside the highest pass in Wales Gospel Pass. It's not far from the major centers of Hereford, Newport and or Brisol, yet, given it's seclution it enjoys very little light poulliton and is a favourite with star gazers and photographers far and wide. Check out the video below for a taste of what the area has to offer. There is also the Elan Valley in the Wye catchment. Click here.

i'm inspired by the Wye

To experience the night time of the Black Mountains why not go Wild camping? Be respectfull - always leave no trace. For more on wild camping go to

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Whilst out hiking and wild camping it's always good to experience the stars but which ones can help you navigate? It's a real skill that Tristan Gooley the Natural Navigator knows only to well. For more on natural navigation and North Star Navigation as a starter go to the link below.

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There are numerous Wye tributaries in the area that flow through the Dark Sky Reserve. The Honddu that connects with the Monnow and then the Wye at Monmouth, the Monnow itself is on the other side of the Vale of Ewyas valley and there is the Ennig that flows into the Llynfi and the Llynfi itself, which is connected to Llangorse lake one of the Dark Sky viewing areas. Check out Mountain Waters and some of the diaries of our hikes below for more insight.

Rivers Flow Through It