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Cleddon Falls

‘Sounds Key’


Sound unites, excites and nourishes internal you and I

Conveying us to that fully immersive sensory high.


Rhythms of life abound as do songs to share and sing,

They are reasons to be cheerful that helpful healing thing.


Water, trees, birds N bees resonating broad and wide

Are symphonies of nature never planned or contrived.


And whilst dancing in tune with all sentient life around

We are liberated within by the infinite essence of sound.


7 letters in essence is great music in its own right

It’s a combination fluid in tongue that’s perfect when in flight.


Always inspired by the echo of sound on this our colourful earth

We find ourselves daily experiencing the beauty of its birth.


A Poem by Mark Jickells (Copyright 2015)

There are many words that can describe Cleddon Falls in the Wye Valley. These are just some. According to residents Steve & Sarah though it's spectacular also when in full spate as it cascades over the top to descend towards the Wye via Llandogo. We were there in June and yet the imagination is adequately stimulated because of the richness of its surrounds and the shear vertical drop that is the falls proper.

A popular attraction the falls can be reached from the top or bottom. An interesting route due to the standing stones at Trellech and the well is the old Llandogo rd to the West of the falls. Others who like the uphill climb amid the far-out woods can approach it via Llandogo off the A466 in the valley below. Whatever the choice the falls and steep sided woodland is a must visit. Stay a while, listen and absorb the water. For a visual watch the video left. For directions see the map below.

Cleddon Falls - Lower Wye Valley

Some Links




For the Bus Times to Trellech or Llandogo click Trellech or Llandogo




For fantastic historical descriptions and info on the falls Click Here (Courtesy of the Wye Valley A.O.N.B.)


People on The Trail at Cleddon Falls


Taurus Craft Centre Forest of Dean. Met the centre manager Elizabeth Ball and friends at the falls. Very friendly. No doubt reflects on the centre.

The map shows Llandogo on the the A466. The Cleddon Falls are due West from the road and the Sloop Inn. Use a good OS map to find your way to the top of the ridge via a series of switch backs through the wood.


If coming in from the top it's a simple matter of either walking or driving from Trellech via the old Llandogo Rd mentioned. We prefer to walk although all is free will. For buses and additional info on the falls see below.

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