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i'm inspired by the Wye

March 20th 2015 saw the 'syzygy' or what's otherwise known as a solar eclipse. This is where the sun and moon are in conjunction or alignment enabling the moon to obscure the sun in full or partially. It was the first eclipse that sparked our interest and got us investigating more.


Passing between the sun and earth a solar eclipse can only occur during new moons. The March 20th eclipse was a 'total eclipse' in the Northern regions of Europe and the arctic. The next is not scheduled to occur for another decade. More fundamentally therefore it was the rare occurrence that got us out early on the morning of the 20th on top of Patch hill overlooking the Lugg/Wye Valley.


As eclipses go it was indeed spectacular and well worth sensing its transformative powers here on earth as the birds and animals responded creating a symphonic atmosphere that can best be described as surreal. With two local smallholders Christine, David and dog for company it was, in addition, a social affair that saw David loan his welding helmet for optimal viewing.


Our camera kit was not specialist so we did not get the images we had hoped for but we were there and this is what we captured.

If Not Fully Visible Then At Least The Mood

It Was Certainly There!

Locate The Eclipse

Image: Observing the CC Code - by Epic Fireworks Flickr

Location of event: 3 KM North East of Hereford

City Centre at Shelwick - Patch Hill. For precise location see link: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=351847&Y=243436&A=Y&Z=126&ax=351847&ay=243436

The animals oscillated their sound, the birds began flying in flocks, the cattle changed direction and the atmosphere shifted a dimension or two.

Image by: slworking2 Flickr. Observing the CC Code.

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Total Eclipse March 2015

Image: Observing the CC Code. Carl Drinkwater/Flickr

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