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Hey let's not fool ourselves it's make do at present and on a budget. This though is all about intent. Here we've twigged onto the power of simple audio and as such we only have a small selection of audio diaries, which mainly focuses on one or two subject matters and most recorded via a camera. Now were on the case though we've just included a a recording device to do it, which means a better audio experience in the future! Hope you enjoy the thoughts thus far.

Audio Diary

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More as the journey unfolds

Upper Wye

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Listening - Tawny Owl

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i'm inspired by the Wye

Home intro background music by Phil - Air - In accordance with Creative Commons Code (Thanks again). Go to: https://www.jamendo.com/en/list/a71757/rainbow

Still Valley Morning

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Wye Crossing


Oaks In The Valley

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Source of The Wye

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Llynfi Tawny Owls

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Chris Loan Wolf - Wild

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The Caravan Bothy

River Llynfi - Brecon Beacons

(For 1 more Llynfi Audio go to: Rivers & Lakes)

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Under Oak & Moon