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that's a favourite with the more discerning hikers, wild campers, day packers, naturalists and even raleigh car enthusiasts. Once a highly regarded salmon river they now spawn tenuously. However, with the assistance of many enthusiastic people the natural rhythms of this magnificent river and outdoor favourite are being stimulated once again inspiring artists, musicians, poets and ordinary folk alike as it has done throughout time. Join us then as we live a life of adventure amid the Wye discovering as we do its water and the land it flows through.

Here we explore the majestic River Wye by hiking all Wye rivers within its amazing 4,000 square kilometre catchment area. As an adventure and a visual guide to the river via reports, photo, video and audio we're excited to reveal the Wye in all its splendour bringing to life an area that has inspired vast swathes of people for countless years. Igniting and nurturing a myriad of adventures the Wye serves as a catalyst to breathe in and live life.


The Welsh call it Afon Gwy (meaning simply water) and the Romans called it the Vaga or the Wanderer but we now call it the Wye. Rising in the Cambrian Mountains high up in the gullies of the Pumlumon massif (752 m 2,467 ft) in mid Wales it's born out of wild country...

Capturing the amazing Wye on the ground, from within its waters, woodlands, valleys, towns and mountains.


I'm inspired by the Wye

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